Lydia Brownfield & the Jagged Hearts

Playing the best of Brownfield's more rocking songs and some covers to round out the set, making a great, energetic live show!

Billy Zenn - Electric Bass & Vocals
Jeff Dalrymple - Electric/acoustic guitars, Vocals
Frank Lapinski - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Joy Hall - Vocals

For booking please contact us here or use the contact form below.

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Meet the band

Jeff Dalrymple

Multi-instrumentalist, Dalrymple has written many instrumentals and several have found their way onto radio and television and the big screen. In addition to guitar/vocal duties with the Jagged Hearts you can find Jeff in multiple music libraries across the U.S., Australia and Europe. More about Jeff here.

Billy Zenn

At age 7, bassist Billy Zenn stepped onstage for the first time---as a ventriloquist! Countless talent shows, Lions Clubs and chicken dinners later, Billy and his dummy had become the precocious darlings of the service lodge circuit, until that fateful Sunday when The Beatles arrived on the Ed Sullivan Show: Billy’s career as a variety performer was over in an instant---replaced by an electric guitar and a passion to rock---and he never looked back. These days, he divides his time between producing, performing and hosting two well-known, weekly open mics.

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