1. Saying Goodbye

From the recording Feels Like This

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Saying Goodbye

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Feels Like This (the EP) started off as a journey of a child and a single parent moving to a new place with new people, new landscape, new everything. The original album included the song Holding Hands, which has since been removed and re-recorded. This EP was never finished, but I still have a special place in my heart for these 3 songs. Someday, I hope to finish this EP with a completed 7 or 8 songs.


I never liked saying goodbye
I get a pain in my heart and tears fill up my eyes
I sat on your curb all day
Now watching your mother drive you away

School starts tomorrow and you’ll be so far away
Oh how I wish you could stay

I put your picture in a frame
The one from your birthday when we dressed the same
Our playground is empty and the trees are bare
Everything is changing it’s just not fair

Christmas is coming and I still feel so alone
I wish how I wish you would come home

The snow has been falling and our school is closed
You’re so much warmer down there I suppose

I play with others and I’ve made new friends
But it’s you I think of when I’m playing under my bed
So long ago now it seems
But I wont forget you – I hope you don’t forget me.

School’s out for the summer how the time does fly
But how I wish, I wish we never said goodbye
It’s so hard to say goodbye
I never like saying goodbye