1. Longest Day

From the recording Ghosts & Lovers

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Longest Day

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Recorded at Musicol Studios (Columbus, Ohio) by Doug Edwards. Produced by Billy Zenn & Lydia Brownfield.
Frank Lapinski (drums), Billy Zenn (bass), Jeff Dalrymple (guitars), Joy Hall (backing vocals).


Before the rain
Hurry and make it to shelter
It must be the hottest day in July.
The fires burn and our words
They lie guilty of kindling
Easy now let it rain.

Hypnotized time keeps the pendulum swinging
Our weary eyes on the ball
With loosened grips, through our hands
Grains of sands we are slipping
Come on now just let it fall
Come on now let it fall.

Raining all day and all night
Now comes the merciless dawn
Forcing herself to be noticed
Like the chess board pawn

Before the dawn
Gather your things for departure
Your 5:09 is right on time
The waking eyes moving like ghosts through the station
And heavy hearts that rise up like smoke to the sky
The longest day in July.

Clearing and blaming the night
Now your so tired and drawn
The sycamores lined up in judgment
On our own front lawn
Lay down your arms and surrender this love is gone.