Lydia Brownfield Music @ Lydia Brownfield presents, Albatross City - at Natalie's

Lydia Brownfield presents, Albatross City - at Natalie's, Columbus, OH

We are so excited for our 2nd show - Albatross Adventure 2.0! This one with even more songs, more videos, and GIVE-AWAYS!

Singer/songwriter Lydia Brownfield's latest project, Albatross City, is a multi-media event featuring Ty Landrum on a standing "cocktail" drum kit equipped with acoustic and electronic percussion, Jeff Dalrymple switching between bass guitar, electric guitar and resonator, and Lydia on electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass.

The songs were written with purpose and are each accompanied by video, many with the help of AI. The show is crafted with close attention to detail including pre-recorded sound effects setting moods, and for changing of instruments among the group.

Get your tickets early, as their first performance at Natalie's SOLD OUT!

My dear albatross I am to blame, the girl knew not from where you came. Your gift of wings I tossed away, my dear albatross, I lost my way...” - Lydia Brownfield

— Dear Albatross


"Now You Belong to the River"
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