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Singer/songwriter Lydia Brownfield spent many years honing her craft in Atlanta, where she toured the south with her band and opened for many notable artists including Grammy winners Loudon Wainwright III and Indigo Girls. Her music influences range widely from alternative, Americana, indie/folk, to power-pop and punk, and her songs cross many of those same genres but find a comfortable spot among edgy folk/pop artists.   

Her songs reflect a lifetime of very rich and human experiences including growing up on the westside of Columbus, Ohio where she studied at the local fine arts college, a decade of living and performing in Atlanta, a move to New York City where she experienced up close the 9/11 attack of the WTC, and going through two difficult divorces. And most importantly, becoming a mom.   

Lydia’s first studio EP, Wanting’s For Sinners (2013) and full-length album, Ghosts & Lovers (2016) have been reviewed–and highly praised–by Nashville Music News. Her third studio recording, Dig (2021), has received great reviews by online magazines, Tuned Up, and respected journalist, publicist and broadcaster, and former editor of Maverick magazine, Alan Cackett. Lydia’s  EP, Feels Like This (2010), was recorded with, and co-produced by, Grammy winning songwriter and producer, Felix Weber (Chaka Khan, Toni Braxton, etc), and was featured in Columbus' Parent Magazine.

Lydia’s been featured on Columbus local television channels 6 WSYX, 4 WNBC, and 10 WBNS as well as Atlanta’s PA TV. She’s been featured twice in the studio on Mix 107.9 with Mark Dantzer, has had song plays on Columbus’ Sunny 95, CD92.9, and has been featured in studio on “Live From Studio A” at 90.5 WCBE where she continues to have several songs in current rotation.   

She’s also been featured in nationally distributed Songwriting Magazine, Columbus local newspapers and community mags such as The Columbus Dispatch, Tri-Village News, 614 Magazine, Alive!, This Week, and City Scene.  

Highlighted performances include the Las Vegas Convention Center, multiple dates at the infamous Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA, the Mt. Vernon Opera House, and Columbus’ Southern Theater.  

In 2010 Lydia created and hosted a community-based monthly showcase, Shut Up and Listen, at Brothers Drake Meadery in Columbus, which featured up-and-coming singer/songwriters, and in 2022, Lydia taught a songwriting class at Columbus' Groove U.   

You can also find Lydia featured on Wandering Stars' 2020 epic concept album, Somnambule.  

You may hear her perform solo, or accompanied by her partner and guitarist, Jeff Dalrymple. Debuting in September of 2023, hear Lydia with her new band, Albatross City. 


1990-1997: Recorded many demos for *spec deals in Atlanta. Studios included: Furies (Ed Burdell), Nickel & Dime (Don McCallister), Andy Webb Studios, Ardent (Memphis, TN), Jesse Dupree-Jackyl Studios (Kennesaw, GA), Neil Freid’s Railroad Earth. 
1995: Courted by Ardent Studios in Memphis for a possible deal. 
1997: First album release: Live at Eddie’s Attic, (self-released) live album recorded at the infamous Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia. 
2000: Moved to New York City and recorded demos in different studios and six songs with Stacy O’Dell. 
2007: Moved back to Columbus and released A Horse Named Yankee, a compilation of demos written from 1990-2003 that were recorded in studios across Atlanta and New York. It also included live tracks and home recordings on a 4-track tape recorder and DAT recordings. 
2010: Self-released Feels Like This, a three-song EP of kids songs inspired by her son, then seven-years-old. Co-produced by Felix Weber. 
2013: Self-released, co-produced with Jeff Dalrymple seven-song EP, Wanting’s For Sinners
2016: Self-released Ghosts & Lovers studio album, co-produced by Billy Zenn. 
November, 2020: Release of Wandering Stars' Somnambule. Lydia is featured vocalist. 
November, 2021: Self-released Dig studio album, co-produced by Fred Blitzer.

* Spec deals in the 1990s were free studio sessions with the contract terms that if the band got signed to a label the band would pay the studio a percentage.

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On Dig, we get the full range of the Lydia Brownfield experience through anecdotes of lessons learned from past relationships... It’s a rollercoaster of emotions with more hills than you can count on one hand, that’s for sure.” - Cassy Kolesar

Tuned Up

A master of emotionally charged but gently rendered balladry—accented with traces of deep-rooted attitude—this is beautiful music, to be sure, but it has come to us from a place of pain, as Lydia wrestles with uncertainty, loneliness, rage, jealousy and hopeful passion.” - Alan Cackett

Alan Cackett

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