Lydia Brownfield

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Lydia spent many years honing her craft in Atlanta, opening for artists such as Loudon Wainwright III, Peter Case, Shawn Mullins and Indigo Girls, as well as playing shows with her band in the area’s top clubs. 

Before settling in Columbus, Lydia became a regular performer in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village, and began a recording career that has continued through the 2017 release of the single "Broken". 

Lydia's music varies in style and genre - at once feeling quiet and pensive; and then explosive, powerful and dark. From bluesy rock, to folk, to indie country, and everything in between - even in her experimental endeavors, one can hear an urgency in her tone and a lyrical poignancy in her poetic writing.

Her songs are pulled from experiences of growing up in a low-income burb of Columbus, Ohio with an absent father, her studies at the local fine arts college, decades of unrest and recklessness in Atlanta and New York City, having gone through two difficult divorces and now being a mom. Brownfield's struggle with depression, and constant searching for a reason we're all here brings a dramatic and entertaining live show. You're taken on a journey of love, hope, fear and lots of failed relationships that keep you listening and sometimes laughing, but only moments from tears.

Brownfield keeps several projects going; the new Quiet Stars, a duo with long-time partner Jeff Dalrymple, has just begun playing locally and will have a new release in the coming months. Her experimental music project, Lower, keeps thing interesting and allows her to explore the more "anti-pop" soundscapes, and her band the Jagged Hearts satisfies the need to rock out with her friends at her favorite clubs.

She plays shows frequently either solo or with one of her ongoing projects.