1. Love: Forever

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Love: Forever

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Written by: Lydia Brownfield
Produced by: Fred Blitzer and Lydia Brownfield
Lydia Brownfield: Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, strings/synths
Andy Harrison: Electric guitar
Philip Maneri: Electric bass
Jeff Martin: Drums


If there was such a thing as love
I’d ravage it, devour it
Use it up until it’s gone
Just a shell of love
Beaten down. A memory of.

I could be with you and fall in love
And I would mean it, every word of it
But to hang on and not let go
When the day is done
Can we let forever come?

When love turns your heart inside out
And the fire is sinful and hot
A fast melting wick at the core
Finding what love really is – and is not…

I want to believe in love
I’ve never seen love the forever love
Like the stars above
Or a dream
Of never ending love
I’ve only seen on screen