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Windsong & Cigarette Smoke

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Written by: Lydia Brownfield
Produced by: Fred Blitzer and Lydia Brownfield
Lydia Brownfield: Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, strings/synths
Andy Harrison: Electric guitar, vocals
Philip Maneri: Electric bass
Jeff Martin: Drums


Jean shorts and our tan leather feet
On the hot tar in the summer
Before all the drinking
Before all the boys and their

The playin' cards we jammed in
The spokes of our bikes
And then booking down the sidewalks
Of our neighborhood at night
And the air tasted sweet
Like diesel and weeds

Chain link fences dividing up
The shotgun homes
Before we needed reasons
And after he was gone

We were stretched out on the vinyl seat
With all the windows down
Being cradled by the Plymouth
Coasting into our new town
And the air tastes like home
Like Windsong and cigarette smoke

In my midwestern dream
It feels like a movie that we’d seen
Climbing to the top of hill behind the Dairy Queen
The drive-in movie theater’s big screen
Our AM radio we held between

Before divorce and money
We didn't even know those words
We knew nothing would ever hurt us
In our little west side world
And before somebody told us
We never knew that we were poor
And we had fearless feats of glory
With nobody keeping score

And before the final breath
Of all our heroes as they aged
We lived free of ever knowing
That the world would someday change
And before we had to know
In which direction we should go
We were happy in the backseat
just to feel the warm wind blow

And the air tastes like home
like Windsong and cigarette smoke.