From the recording Feels Like This

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Feels Like This (the EP) started off as a journey of a child and a single parent moving to a new place with new people, new landscape, new everything. The original album included the song Holding Hands, which has since been repurposed - I continue to morph the songs when I don't feel that they're finished. This EP was never finished, but I still have a special place in my heart for these 3 songs. Someday, I hope to finish this EP with a completed 7 or 8 songs.


River feels like the April sun
Lucent eyes how far they’ve come
Silent flags when the wind stands still
Mama’s call from a top the hill

A tree as tall as I’ve ever seen
Must have grown from a magic bean
Peaceful days and starry nights
From way up here I can see all the lights

And the wishing well - your rosebud kiss
The springtime here - It feels like this.
It feels like this.

Morning mist and the lilac tree
Distant church bells awaken me
Soft and new like the country air
Mama’s fingers running through my hair

And the river feels
Like we’re standing still
The silent flags
On the grassy hill
A tree so tall
Hear the church bells ring
In the morning mist
Of the country spring
Feels like this.
It feels like this.