1. Prentiss Song

From the recording Wanting's For Sinners

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Originally titled "Your days and nights", Prentiss Song is about my love for my dear friend from Atlanta, Prentiss. She found out she had stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer several months into her pregnancy with her 4th child. This devastating news brought about this song. She is a brilliant photographer, great mother and all around amazing person with unmatched humor and smarts. She survived all the treatments and now lives happily with her family in Jackson, MS.


You’re in my sun you’re in my moon
You’re in my coffee in my spoon
You’re in my walk in my fog in my afternoon jog.

You are in my car and in the far reaches the farthest star
My telephone, this microphone
You’re in everything I own.

You’re in my arms and legs in the daze and haze of the
crazy flights of alcohol fueled Friday nights
You are in all my Georgian days you’re in all of my Southern ways.

You give me sight I give you sound a left and right foot we are bound
I’ll never mind the pain or the rain
or a pound or two that I might gain.
I’ll never mind the cold or the heat or the noise of the street
In the middle of that New York City night.
I’ll never mind the time I spent waiting in line.
Or the fine for speeding or time I cheated and I’ll never mind
a broken heart again.

So, never mind my selfish heart or my vain restart
like a map of New Orleans under water under fire
in the Quarter of your dreams and desires and in
The young fresh eyes you designed that will carry you
Carry you through your days and your nights
I’ll carry you too in my fight to make things right.
To make it alright.
I’ll make it alright.
We’ll make it alright.

You’re in my dreams and in the seams and all the
In betweens the photo files in all the miles
And years that we’ve crossed and we lost and found again.