1. Trouble

From the recording Wanting's For Sinners

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Trouble is like my theme song. It's like you are your own deep down trouble. Not anyone else - you. Just you.


I first met trouble
When you showed me the light
I came out of the cold darkness
You shined so bright

I saw tomorrow glowing
The words you said were knowing
All your pretty teeth were showing
Yeah, you did it just right…
That was when all this trouble began

Mistakes are made and that’s living
I leave mine far behind
"You gotta open your eyes"
He said "you’ve been walking around blind"
I stepped with trepidation
And I broke my hesitation
And soon I felt those good vibrations
That led me down the darker road…
This was when I got in trouble once again

Now I’m doing my time
It’s so plain to see
Paying for this crime
I’ll pay for eternity
Doesn’t matter how I plea
Cuz this trouble’s not you
This trouble is me

I follow this trouble -
I watch it watching me
I think “the more I know about this trouble - The better prepared I’ll be”
Your sweetness did deceive me
I’m guilty please believe me
You gotta know this aint easy
Suddenly it all came clear…
This was when –
I knew it would never end.