Me & Jeff D.

Lydia & Jeff perform at Brothers Drake, Columbus, Ohio

Lydia & Jeff perform at Brothers Drake, Columbus, Ohio

Two seasoned professionals who have been staples of the Columbus, Ohio music scene for many years, musicians Lydia Brownfield and Jeff Dalrymple are accomplished in their own right, together they bring an undeniable magic to Lydia's music as a duo. 

Brownfield's melodic, thought-provoking songs are honest and sometimes dark, but filled with explosions of light and urgent undertones. Lydia effortlessly embodies a visual song-writing style with a pure and captivating voice. Jeff's finger picking guitar playing style is the ultimate compliment to Lydia and their intimate performances showcase their super tight vocal harmonies, and as the listener - unsure where Lydia begins and Jeff ends - is taken on a journey of Lydia's storied past, and a hopeful future while the guitars weave an intricate web of songs that are thoughtfully crafted and beautifully executed.

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